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Chiropractic Care for Collegiate Athletes

By, Dr. Mike Chanatry There are many benefits to chiropractic care for collegiate athletes, ranging from injury prevention to increased performance and shorter injury recovery time. Chiropractic doctors specializing in athletics can identify and target areas of...

Retirement Seen Through Your Eyes

By, Casey Clementz After you leave work, what will your life look like? How do you picture your future? If you are like many contemplating retirement, your view is likely pragmatic compared to that of your parents. That doesn’t mean you must have a “plain vanilla”...

The Fundamentals of Winning: Failure Analyzation

By, Jason Kuhn Have you ever given consideration to how you react when you fail? Do you simply try to do your best the next time? ...Or do you consider how to use the experience to your advantage and make yourself better? Failure is never the goal, but it is going to...

Long Live Athletics

By, Jason Kuhn Lovett High School overcomes 11 losses to win the state title. The Fall is soon upon us and I can't wait. We'll have crisp weather, pumpkins, and sports. This week the NCAA football season kicks off. Just as soon as football is in full swing, the MLB...

Distraction: Special Ops Focus for Athletics

By, Jason Kuhn Distraction is one of the 3 team defeaters. It comes in many forms. It can be experiences in our personal lives or in the moment of competition on the field. It is important to identify potential distractions. They should be identified and discussed...

Setting Goals

By, Larry Linne Hey! Doing some personal planning and goal setting? It’s easy to set those physical, mental, relationship, financial, spiritual goals. However, I find the most challenging, uncomfortable, and rewarding goals are non-traditional. Here is my list of...


By, Jason Kuhn Committment  We've heard the word since Little League. We put the word on the backs of t-shirts and locker room signs, but how much have we really considered what the concept means? How many players can explain how to apply commitment? Easy to say...

The Process of Failure Analyzation

By, Jason Kuhn Failure. Otherwise known as the hardest piece of adversity. Most of us have been told, “it’s a part of the process.” Great!…but what does that mean? The process should be a constant evolution of becoming better. Everyone has failed. Everyone will again,...

Headache and Car Accidents

By, Dr. Mike Chanatry We work with many auto injury cases in our Jacksonville, FL office, and a widespread symptom we see in our patients is headache. The key to recovering from headache caused by a crash is to understand the root cause of the problem and how...

Umbrella Insurance

By, Shaun Murphy Today we're going to talk about umbrella coverage. Umbrella Insurance What is umbrella insurance? Umbrella is basically excess liability coverage. How does that cover you? Well, let's show you - your home and your auto for example, you've got...

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