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Pablo Beach Insurance Group is a family-owned and operated indpendent insurance agency founded by insurance industry veteran Shaun Murphy.

When you choose Pablo Beach Insurance Group as your insurance specialist, you are assured top protection and service with premiums that fit your budget. Browse our website to learn more about our company and our insurance offerings, then use our online Get a Quick Quote feature or call us at (904) 224-7000 to find out how we can help protect you, your family, your business, and your future.

What To Do When Your Insurance Premium Goes Up

By, Shaun Murphy Insurance premiums are going up across the State of Florida. This is happening for a variety of reasons which are impacting home and car insurance policies. After the past year of the pandemic, the last thing you want is an unexpected bill or rate...

Insurance Tips for Millennials

By, Shaun Murphy Health, financial and emergency situations don’t happen to me, why would they? Even if they do, it would be cheaper to cover the costs on my own through savings and not bother with the mess of any of the types of insurance that would “cover” those...

Auto Insurance, Hurricanes and Your Vehicle

By, Shaun Murphy Owning a car is only the first step towards a long, convenient, happy, and sometimes engaging life. Buying a car comes with many other responsibilities and one of them is auto insurance. This is not even debatable. In order to enjoy driving your car...

Choosing the Best Type of Homeowners Insurance to Suit Your Needs

By, Shaun Murphy If you have done your homework well, you’ve learned there are more costs to be covered in buying a home than paying for the actual home. Some of the costs you have to cover are the deposit, valuation fee, solicitor fee, surveyor fee, stamp duty...

Rethinking Renovations

By, Shaun Murphy When you plan a home improvement project, you know to consider the cost of the paint and what kind of shelves you want. You know to measure twice and cut once, and to always read the warning labels on the products you use. However, you should also...

What Is an Independent Insurance Agent?

By, Shaun Murphy If you’re in the market for auto, commercial, medicare, flood or home insurance, you have various options for finding the policies you need. You can work with a captive agent, an independent insurance agent or buy your policies directly from an...

Umbrella Insurance

By, Shaun Murphy Today we're going to talk about umbrella coverage. Umbrella Insurance What is umbrella insurance? Umbrella is basically excess liability coverage. How does that cover you? Well, let's show you - your home and your auto for example, you've got...

3 Insurance Questions to Ask When Your Child Goes Off To College

By, Shaun Murphy Shipping a child off to school can be an extremely exciting and stressful time. There are so many things to think about, and a lot of coordination and organization that goes into it. You, as a parent, want to do everything you can to set your child up...

Things Homeowners Insurance Will and Won’t Cover

By, Shaun Murphy A home is one of life’s greatest achievements. You probably saved for quite a while in order to acquire your dream home. However, did you know all those years of hard work and investing could be brought down within a blink of an eye? Environmental...

Choosing the Best Type of Homeowners Insurance

By, Shaun Murphy If you have done your homework well, you’ve learned there are more costs to be covered in buying a home than paying for the actual home. Some of the costs you have to cover are the deposit, valuation fee, solicitor fee, surveyor fee, stamp duty...

Locally Owned, Casual Approach, Professional Results

Our Jacksonville Office

We have been insuring Jacksonville businesses and families since 2005. 

We have worked hard to forge strong relationships with more than 50 of the nation’s most trusted insurance providers. We thoroughly screen our provider partners to make sure each is financially solvent and provides top-quality insurance products at competitive prices backed by superior service.

We are a Jacksonville Insurance Agency with a second location in St Petersburg/Tampa and serve the entire state of Florida.

PBIG Authors & Contributors

Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy

President & Owner


I am a 30 plus year Insurance Executive. I worked for one captive carrier offering only one company’s products for 15 years. “I felt handcuffed” In 2005 my wife and I founded Pablo Beach Insurance Group. This was and still is the best option for our family and clients. We have over 50 carriers to meet just about every client’s needs. We are family owned and operated and now celebrating 15 years in the Independent Insurance Market with locations across the state of Florida to serve all of your Insurance needs. “We are Family Owned with a Casual Approach that offer Professional Results”


– Agent at a National Direct Writer 1991-1997 – Top 10 Career Agent 1991-1997
– Agency Manager: 1997-2005
– Agency Manager of the year 1998-2004
– Round Table winner 14 Years

– Husband and father of five, including eight grand kids
– Lifetime surfer, waterman, golfer
– Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars fan

Spencer Murphy

Spencer Murphy

Jacksonville Agent

Michael Graybeal

Michael Graybeal

Jacksonville Agent

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