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To say the real estate market in Jacksonville and surrounding Counties is volatile and erratic right now may be a huge understatement. Rates, inventory, demand, and National issues are all causing one of the hottest markets in history. As a buyer or seller, you really need a seasoned professional on your side to ensure you make sound decisions.  

How can you find a realtor that can keep your best interests at hand with everything going on? 

Below are some ways a Realtor can help you, and some questions to consider before hiring someone. 

How can a Realtor really help a buyer?  

  • Realtors are experts. 

When buying a home, there is a myriad of legal forms, documents, reports, and other miscellaneous paperwork. Realtors understand the market and help you maneuver the ins and outs of your real estate transaction from beginning to end. They can help you make sound and wise decisions while avoiding unnecessary, potentially expensive, mistakes. 

  • Realtors are objective. 

Realtors provide objective and impartial information. They are a trove of knowledge regarding the local quirks, such as taxes, utilities, contractors, or homeowners association guidelines. 

  • Realtors have resources. 

Realtors have access to additional properties and databases that allow you to view the entire breadth of the market. They can help tailor your search to only include properties that meet your needs. 

  • Realtors are your agents. 

During negotiations, realtors are your advocate to ensure you have a fair transaction. Before you are obligated to such a hefty investment, realtors will protect you from unexpected fees or surprises. 

  • Realtors are relevant. 

Realtors will help you stay current with the market and its demands with such shifting conditions and constantly changing laws and regulations. Most people only buy a few homes in a lifetime, and circumstances surrounding real estate transactions can change in just a few years. Realtors keep you relevant as you’re in the market to buy or sell. 

What are a few things to ask when hiring one? 

  • How long have you been a realtor? 

Established realtors will have the experience to anticipate issues before they arise. They will have proven negotiation techniques and established relationships with other real estate professionals. 

  • Do you work full-time or part-time as an agent? 

Answering this question will also speak to the experience of your realtor. When a realtor works full-time as an agent, they can devote more time to you as a client. Also, they will have much more day-to-day experience concerning all of the nuances that come with arbitrating a real estate transaction. 

  • Can I see your real estate license? 

Be sure to work with a licensed professional. You do not want to be an unfortunate victim of a  scam. 

  • Have you helped buyers in this area? 

The more a real estate agent understands the specific area of where you’re looking to buy, the more they will be able to speak to various options, such as what’s competitive or valuable. 

  • Have you helped buyers in this price range? 

If you can find a realtor with experience helping buyers in your price range, they will have prior experience finding something that will best suit your budget. If your realtor is used to multi-million dollar listings, they will not view your $250,000 budget in the same way, nor will they view the market listings with the same attention.