By, George Garcia

What is Water Backup Coverage and Why is it Important?

Water damage can be disastrous to your home. Imagine discovering that your entire first floor is filled with brown water and sewage from a backed-up water main or other pipes. It’s not only disgusting and potentially dangerous, but it’s also expensive. On average, most water backup claims cost $5,000-$10,000 to repair.

Water backup coverage is an optional coverage that can be added to your existing homeowners insurance policy for this type of situation. But since many homeowners policies either don’t cover water backups or only offer limited protection, it’s worth learning more about this valuable and affordable option. Because you don’t want to find out you’re underinsured after you experience a water backup issue.

Coverage Options

The amount of coverage you’ll need depends on several factors including:

– Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement.
– The size of your basement.
– The type of flooring in your basement (carpet, vinyl, hardwood, etc.).
– The type of wall material in your basement (drywall, paneling, etc.).
– Whether your basement has a bathroom.
– Whether you have a washer, dryer, or heating and cooling system in your basement.

Once we have this information, we can offer an insurance quote for either adding the option or increasing your amount of water backup coverage. And the good news is this coverage is inexpensive. You can get quality coverage for less than $25 per month. To discuss your current homeowners policy with an expert, contact us today.