We are excited to welcome Ashanti Jackson and Game Face 4:13 Training Academy as our newest members of 904Pros!

Game Face believes a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual training will have the most powerful and lasting impact on the lives of youth.


“It is an inspiring story that I love to tell. When I was younger I played basketball from the start of elementary school all the way up to high school, including college. I also played for a travel basketball team as a young girl. Travel basketball was highly competitive and had a way of developing a deep mental toughness that could only be gained through experience. My mother and father were heavily involved in my basketball upbringing and would do everything they could to keep me motivated and fired up for the games. My mother would look me in my eyes before every game and tell me to put my game face on. She would ask me, “Are you ready? Let me see your game face Ashanti.” I would willingly give her the best look I could that captured my internal excitement and credence in beating my opponents on the other team. “My mom would say, “You can do this baby girl, stay in the game and keep your game face on.” It was moments like these I realized something special was taking place and growing inside of me. –An internal confidence” – Ashanti

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