By, Pat Sitkins

Some Clients: “Should we get on Clubhouse?

Me: Jim Mora “Playoffs?” Rant

“But Elon Musk is on it”

“People are selling invites on eBay for over $100!”

“A friend of mine said they would invite me, and they said it could be really good for us.”


Today’s ProTip Tuesday is about focus. It is easy to get distracted by the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing tools, digital strategies, and hot social networking companies.

I’ve had several clients, friends, potential customers and even interviews where people have asked me about TikTok, Clubhouse and other emerging Social Networks. Specifically,

a. Are we [Adaptive] pushing clients to utilize them?

b. Should they be on them?

My answers:

a. No, we are not pushing clients there – yet.

b. No, they should not.

Figure out the basics

In every case, the people asking about these new bright & shiny are still struggling with the more popular sites like Facebook, and LinkedIn. If they haven’t figured out how to effectively communicate their brand and market there, why would we assume they will suddenly be good at utilizing these new networks? With all of them – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, Twitter, etc. there are nuances with each platform that need to be understood. You can not do the same post for every platform and expect results. It has to be customized and can not be a rinse & repeat. Even if they could just do the same post on every network, they aren’t doing much there now, so why do they magically think they are going to start on yet another platform?

Reasons to stay where you are

  1. Your clients and potential clients are still on these “legacy platforms”. Market where they are. Don’t worry about the up-and-coming networks right now. You still have time.
  2. Get really good at the legacy networks so you can pivot when the time is right 
  3. It doesn’t make much sense to jump to a new platform that is still finding its way. Check out the graph below from Statista detailing the most widely used social networks in the world (from January 2021). This data should be reason enough.*
  4. You don’t have to be first, you have to be good! Are your Realtor buddies on TikTok? How’s that working for them? Are teens and early 20-somethings (with tons of cash, to buy properties obviously) totally connecting with a middle-aged TikTok’r not using the platform correctly, or looking like a fish out of water? Are they picking up new clients? Even better, are their potential clients seeing them share their cool TikTok’s (that are clipped short) on Facebook and Instagram and scrambling to do business with them because they are overwhelmed by the incredible value these are providing?
  5. You can do the same thing on networks you are already on. Want music and a video? Stories on Facebook and Instagram. Want fun filters and short videos? Same. What something like TikTok? Instagram Reels. If you don’t understand what I am saying here, haven’t tried them and haven’t gotten results then it is probably safe to assume you aren’t ready for another new platform.
  6. Building on the above points, it is about ROI. I would rather a client really maximize proven strategies on the most widely used platforms than invest in something that may or may not be there next year. What happened with all the Parler hype, or even further back Google+? Clubhouse has been around since 2020. It had a huge security breach. Let’s be aware, observe and wait.

Do the arguments above make me sound a little old and outdated? Maybe. But in our experience, it pays to be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge.

My best advice

Do I think you should be aware of the new networks? Absolutely.

Truth be told, I have Snapchat, Parler, and TikTok accounts (I have declined Clubhouse invites for now) for research. We are very tuned in to what is happening with these. Is it ok to read about these, study their usage, and even play around with an account? Sure. Although I would argue that is what your marketing consultant, team, etc is for. But if you have friends or children on these and want to play around, then go for it!

So, what is my best advice if you are suffering from a major case of FOMO? Take 2021 to master something you are already doing but underutilizing. Focus on the top networks for B2B and B2C businesses right now:

  1. Facebook
  2. Messenger
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter
  7. Bonus (PPC or Email Marketing)

If you absolutely crush it with any one network or strategy and want to get crazy in ’22, then go for it! I’ll be there to support you and maybe even connect with you ;).