By, Larry Linne

Hey! Doing some personal planning and goal setting? It’s easy to set those physical, mental, relationship, financial, spiritual goals. However, I find the most challenging, uncomfortable, and rewarding goals are non-traditional.

Here is my list of Non-traditional goals to consider.

1. Build a relationship with someone in a group you don’t understand (a race, religion, 1%er, political opposite, straight, LGBTQ, athlete, intellectual, etc). Spend time understanding them.

2. Seek to find the positive things in all people and things.

3. Read 1-1 ratio on anything you agree with to the opposing view. Meaning, don’t allow confirmation bias to drive your knowledge. Always always always read opposing view as well. Then form your opinion. By the way, your google searches will change when you do that!! You will actually throw off all algorithms on your systems.

4. No alcohol for the year. Or no sugar. No treats. No junk food. I don’t recommend all of the above at once. Keep all sharp objects away if you do.

5. Get online advanced education.

6. Choose to think for yourself vs following 100% politically aligned biased beliefs. Sort of “become your own political party” thinking.

7. Volunteer purposefully with goals.

8. Give more to charity.

9. Be slow to speak and quick to listen.

10. Learn something uncomfortable and crazy (dancing, acting, singing, lifting weights, taxes, finance, mindfulness, dog training, raising chickens, massage, golf, bowling, tennis, flying an airplane, cooking classes, meditation, Yoga, religious studies, fishing, cycling).

Pretty short list. Just think… if you accomplished a few of these things in 2021 or 2020-2029, how much will it enhance your life and your legacy?

Have fun and add below or share any you are willing to commit to this year. Would love to see 1-3-6 chosen by most!